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New admission for
Academic Year 2024/2025

Information will be availabe soon


Our Approach

Sustainable Energy Engineering is a program for future decision makers with the ambition to be leaders of circular economy and energy transition implementation.


Program is focused on the link between raw materials use, natural resources and power sector which is one of the most important users of natural resources. The program shows energy transition in context of circular economy.


Our program provides students with a rich and diverse environment conducive to the acquisition of knowledge. Our innovative teaching methods help introduce students to the future they have always dreamed of.

We invite graduates of first-cycle studies who dream of contributing to global energy transformation for a better future for the World.

Enhanced Learning

Explore the Sustainable Energy Engineering Study Program. You will find teaching modules as well as information about the educational goals and the teaching methods used.

industrial participation

You will take part in real projects carried out for industrial partners

The program has been designed and is constantly supported by leading industrial institutions from
European Union!

and reasonable prices

You will study in safe and inexpensive places!


Poland and Portugal are one of the most friendly and the safests countries in the World - while accommodation, food and travel are one of the cheapest in Europe!


You will study in international groups and environment!

The program is located in universities with experience in hosting international students. International networking is one off the most beneficial features of the future career! 

& freedom of choice

You can choose when you start your studies and what courses you want to take.

The program gives you freedom to tailor your study path according to your time and what is your
real passion! 

of tradition
of Universities


of international programs  execution

graduates employed


nationalities of students





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