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The candidate has the competences necessary to  continue education at the second-cycle studies in this field of study, in particular:

  • has knowledge of mathematics, physics and chemistry, enabling the formulation and solving of simple tasks in the field of energy problems,

  • has the ability to describe various processes using the laws of thermodynamics, heat transport and fluid mechanics,

  • has the ability to solve simple energy problems using analytical or numerical methods,

  • knows the structure and operation of basic energy devices,

  • has skills in the field of interpretation, presentation and documentation of the results of experiments as well as the presentation and documentation of the results of project tasks,

  • knows English at B2 level of the European System for the Description of Languages.

The form of checking the candidate's competences Verification of the competences held on the basis of a graduation diploma with a diploma supplement If the number of candidates meeting the recruitment criteria exceeds the number of places in the  field of study, admission is determined by the place on the ranking list created on the basis of the grade from the course of studies multiplied by a coefficient depending on the  compliance of the competences held with the competences required by the candidate.

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How to Apply

Admission for MSc SEE is closed.
New admission Rounds for Academic Year 2023/24 start in January 2023.

In order to apply you should collect and send an email with:

  • A copy of your Bachelor’s degree certificate

  • A copy of your transcript of records

  • Proof of English proficiency
    (TOEFL, IELTS - valid no longer than 2 years)

  • Your CV or resume

  • A copy of your passport (non-EU) or ID(EU)

Sustainable Energy Engineering MSc email:

In order to start application process please send us mentioned above documents.  

We will conduct you through the application process and answer all your questions. 

By sending us your personal data, you agree to the Information Security and Privacy Policy (RODO) available on the Univesity website

If you have any questions

please send us e-mail:

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Sustainable Energy Engineering MSc program is open to all nationals. However the tuition fee is different and depends on country of origin.


Tuition fee, YEAR 1 

Polish, Portuguese and other EU students:

  • free (tuition fee covered by Polish Government)

Ukrainian students:

for more details about study in Poland go to:

International (non-EU) students:

  • 1900€ for 1st semester

  • 1800€ for 2nd semester


Tuition fee, YEAR 2 (paid to Técnico Lisboa)

  • EU/Portuguese/Polish students: 1063,47€/year

  • International/nonEU students: 7000€/year

More informations regarding IST fees like:

  • Tuition fees,

  • student insurance (<2 euros),

  • payments for diploma, transcripts, etc.

    You can find here and here 

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