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Applied energy technology

Elective module cinducted in challenage based PBL style with industrial partners

TOTAL:  8 ECTS, 100h

All classes conducted in English

Module description: 

  • This module course will gives students the skills to conduct a feasibility analysis, identify financial requirements, and complete perspective of solving real engineering problems. 

  • Students are set real-world challenges by industrial partners, which enhance both problem-solving skills and awareness of all the technological, environmental and economic factors involved in the decision-making process, and how they interact together.

  • Each time the project topic is set individually. It is conducted in groups of 4 or 5, students are expected to apply the skills and knowledge learned in the first two terms to a live project. 

  • Teams will make an in-depth analysis and recommendations for actions that can realistically be implemented by the client company. 

  • The module is conducted in project management style with planning and documentation according to project management principals. 

  • Throughout the project, tutoring is provided by professor.

  • Students learn how to approach an issue with a critical mindset, and how to react swiftly in unexpected situations with a creative and open-minded attitude

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