Mathematical modeling of energy systems

The module enhances skills in use of mathematics in modelling of energy systems processes.

Module conducted in practical way in computer laboratories.

TOTAL:  3 ECTS, 35h

SEM2: 3 ECTS, lecture 20h, labolatories 15h 

All classes conducted in English

Modeling of energy processes and systems


Course covers

  • Direct energy consumption indicators,

  • Cumulative energy consumption (demand)

  • Evaluation of energy consumption of processes using non-renewable and renewable energy sources,

  • Efficiency of conversion of various forms of energy;

  • Use of waste energy, modeling of various processes related to energy.

  • Application of thermo-ecological costs - application in the assessment of energy conversion; Intelligent energy systems: Transformation and evolution of district heating and cooling systems; 

  • Basic concepts and definitions of intelligent systems; principles of network design and generation of heating networks; 

  • Rational energy management.