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Holding Plant

and energy policy

The module delivering ....

TOTAL:  8 ECTS, 100h

SEM1: 8 ECTS, lecture 60h, project 40h 

Part 1

Environmental impact in full life cycle (LCA)


Lecture covers

  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) 

  • Environmental impact assessment (EIA), 

  • Methodologies of EIA – CML and ReCiPe

  • Life cycle costing (LCC), 

  • Cost befit analysis (CBA), 

  • Cost effectiveness analysis (CEA), 

  • Multicriteria analysis (MCA), 

  • Principles of sustainable development. 

  •  Environmental impact of transportation and electromobility 

  • Environmental Impact of heating systems based on natural gas and coal 

  • Environmental impact of different energy sources 

  • External costs of air pollution 


Project covers: hands on classes on modelling of environmental impact in full life cycle using Sima pro software

Part 2
Circular economy


Lecture covers: 

  • Introduction to concept of circular economy concept, goals, priority areas, principles and tools

  • Economic, societal and environmental perspective of CE

  • Eco design, refurbish, recycling 

  • EU and national regulations related to circular economy, 

  • Environmental, social and economic benefits from CE implementation,

  • Current state of art and circular business models

  • Industrial symbiosis

  • Waste management solutions in CE

  • Circular buildings – case study

Part 3
Energy Policy


Lecture covers: 

  • Energy use and resources, 

  • Energy intensity, 

  • Energy consumption and gross electricity production  

  • Energy generation and consumption structure 

  • Energy related resources - raw materials 

  • Impact of crisises on energy markets. 

  • EU energy policy documents 

  • Energy policy of selected countries/regions 

  • Energy policy creation: pathways and driving forces 

  • Cooperation vs competition: interregional and cross-functional initiatives

  • Cross borders electricity transmission: ENTSOE

  • Energy policy as technology development driving force

  • Energy transition of high-energy demand industries

  • Energy and fuels - political weapon (examples from the history and present cases)

  • Energy poverty

  • Electromobility: dream/utopia/reality?  

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