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Stopniowanie Hat Rzut

Our graduates

So far, our program has been completed by students of 20 nationalities. The high quality of teaching, individual approach to the student and education based on the practical transfer of knowledge and shaping skills meant that everyone has a successful career. They work in energy industry companies in various positions, mainly related to management, analytics and planning. Many of them created their own startups. Others started their research activities and started doctoral studies. The degree of satisfaction with studying at our universities is one of the highest and reaches 95%.

Places of our graduates career:

Power Industry

Large part of graduates is working in working in large multinational corporations as well as local companies ad design offices on professional top positions as well as in management.  


Due to high level of analytical skills our graduates are working for leading institutions form consulatancy sector. Their competencies are ideal for contributing to global energy transition in this type of companies. 


Research and intellectual transforming skills are necessary to start scientific career. Many our graduates have started their PhD studies at prestigious universities and working in  research centers forking for power sector. 

Own business

Entrepreneurship is the key factor for development of the World. Graduates of SEE program are well prepared to create technological startup and start business oriented career!

Glass Buildings
tarun kumar.jpg



The course was very well structured and gives you a complete understanding of why and how the transition to a greener world can be made possible. I also liked that apart from the technical subjects, this course also included a few managerial, organizational, and personal development classes which I found to be very useful. Many classes were taught with the principle of learning by doing which made it more interesting. The faculty was very welcoming and I enjoyed studying at Silesian University of Technology. If you want to gain knowledge about transforming our energy sector, I would definitely recommend this course.

chris qw.jpg

Master's Program offered by the Silesian University of Technology is preparing engineers to solve real-life challenges in the energy industry. Aside from informative and practical examples discussed during lectures, the program also allows students to have study trips and see the actual activities done in the industry. I particularly like the challenge-based approach and learning-by-doing approach as methods of teaching since it helped me improve my analytical and management skills. I highly recommend this program because aside from the skills and knowledge acquired , the best part is meeting new friends from different countries and learning their cultures.




Choosing to study at Silesian University of Technology was one of the best decisions in my life! This program is a trustworthy investment as those courses will improve your skills, both hard and soft, so you will be prepared for real-life projects much better. On top of that, you will have a double degree in Poland and Portugal which gives you a multicultural environment and everything that goes with it :)
To sum up, the program is managed by a highly experienced team which knows what to do in order to give the best knowledge base possible, share their experience and make you comfortable while studying abroad!
Totally recommended!


My study journey at Silesian University of Technology has been an enriching experience which has expanded my vision regarding energy and environment issues not only thanks to the knowledge of qualified professors but also by working and sharing points of view with students from Poland and many other countries of the world. I highly recommend this program to everyone who wishes to start their study journey in some of the most relevant topics of these days.


Kubra Sultan Aba


Studying at SUT did not only  open my mind to new and interesting subjects guided by helpful and friendly lecturers, but also helped me gain many new skills, such as: time planning, management, teamwork, the best way to presents ones ideas, amongst other things. During my studies, I and my classmates were also able to take part in projects with well-known companies and thereby achieve some real-life working experience. I highly recommend SUT, for those who would like to learn-by-do, and those whom are both ready and willing to improve their knowledge and skills in the technical field.

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