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business Man

and project management

The module shapes business, entrepreneurship and project management competencies. Students are getting knowledge and  practice in projects planning and executing . Theil will get knowledge on planning of business operations as well as prepare and present their own business proposal. 

TOTAL:  8 ECTS, 100h

Part 1 
Project management


What you will learn:

You will get the basic knowledge on projects management and understanding of the particular issues encountered in planning and conducting projects of different types. You will get practical skills and 'hands-on' experience during the projects part. Additionally course will strengthen teamwork and leadership skills.


The course include lecture and project.

Lecture covers: 

  • Value of project management 

  • Roles and responsibilities in PM

  • Timeline and schedule of projects

  • Different PM approaches and styles

  • Principles of waterfall methods (PRINCE 2)

  • Principles of agile methods 

  • Good practice in PM

Project covers:

  • participation in a real project in different roles.

Part 2
Business planning


What you will learn:

You will get knowledge on principles of planning and delivery of various business operations. You will get practice in preparing , presenting and defending business proposals. 


The course is conducted in PBL style.

Project covers:

Development of own business idea in order to build a startup. It includes:

  • selection of relevant business ideas,

  • design of business model,

  • development of business plan,

  • preparation and delivery of business pitch.

Part 2
Business presentations
and public speaking


What you will learn:

The course is designed to develop effective business communication skills: conducting persuasive speeches, designing and conducting a logical, clear and effective presentation, learning techniques and methods used by speakers and presenters. You will learn how to prepare elevator pitch, how to prepare and use presentations software, how to deliver presentation to general public and how to use non verbal forms of communication. 



The course include project and individual coaching sessions. 

Project covers:

  • preparation and delivery of business (elevator) pitch

  • preparation and delivery of TED style speech

  • preparation of professional profile on LinkedIn.

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