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Energia odnawialna

Renewable energy technologies

The module delivering ...

TOTAL:  8 ECTS, 100h

SEM2: 8 ECTS, lecture 60h, project 40h 

Part 1

Renewable energy technology overview

Course covers: 

  • Technological, environmental and economic overview of renewable energy technologies:

  • solar photovoltaics,

  • concentrated solar energy (CSP),

  • solar heating, cooling,

  • desalination technology,

  • onshore and offshore wind energy,

  • geothermal systems (including ground source heat pumps), energy wave and tidal technologies,

  • hydroelectricity,


Part 2

Energy storage for sustainable energy systems



Course covers

  • energy storage elements (hydrogen, thermal, electrochemical, mechanical, electromagnetic, lead-acid and lithium batteries and large-size batteries

  • functioning of the energy system and introduction to energy storage;

  • Functional and performance indicators of electricity storage facilities;

  • characteristics of network-scale energy storage technology;

  • Design and operation of electricity storage systems;

  • system integration of electricity storage technology;

  • financial, economic, social and legal aspects of electricity storage;

  • parameters and operating limitations of various storage technologies.

Part 3
Waste to Energy


Course covers

  • waste management and segregation,

  • composition and quantity of solid waste,

  • fuel classification,

  • energy potential of waste,

  • anaerobic digestion,

  • biogas,

  • technology of solid fuels from waste processing,

  • RDF

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