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Stopniowanie Hat Rzut

Our graduates

So far, our programs have been completed by students of 20 nationalities. The high quality of teaching, individual approach to the student and education based on the practical transfer of knowledge and shaping skills meant that everyone has a successful career. They work in energy industry companies in various positions, mainly related to management, analytics and planning. Many of them created their own startups. Others started their research activities and started doctoral studies. The degree of satisfaction with studying at our universities is one of the highest and reaches 95%.

Places of our graduates career:

Power Industry

Large part of graduates is working in working in large multinational corporations as well as local companies ad design offices on professional top positions as well as in management.  


Due to high level of analytical skills our graduates are working for leading institutions form consulatancy sector. Their competencies are ideal for contributing to global energy transition in this type of companies. 


Research and intellectual transforming skills are necessary to start scientific career. Many our graduates have started their PhD studies at prestigious universities and working in  research centers forking for power sector. 

Own business

Entrepreneurship is the key factor for development of the World. Graduates of SEE program are well prepared to create technological startup and start business oriented career!

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